Look, it’s a real idol

Daniel Lindström

We were walking around in “Gallerian” (something similar to a common mall) in Stockholm when Filip and I decided (well, I decided) to have a sit down for a cup of coffee. On our way to the coffee break, we walked paste a queue of people outside a store. Turns out it was Daniel Lindström, winner of the TV production Idol 2004, sitting there, signing records and what not. With a camera in the backpack, it’s hard to resist snapping a few 🙂

I normally really dislike TV shows like “Idol 2004”; but for once, they managed to turn out a real talent with some obvious potential. The only disappointment (if you can call it that) so far, is that his own album sounds .. well, there’s not enough “umpfh!” in it. Daniel has got some real vocal potential, none of which were obvious in the samplings I heard. I’d like to hear Daniel and Carola do a cover of “If I can dream” (Elvis Presley) or “Sweet Child o’ Mine” (Guns N’ Roses).

Go check it out for yourself:

The album

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