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Speak up against software patents in Europe!!!

Linus Torvalds (Linux), Monty (MySQL), and Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP) issued a statement against software patents in Europe, as part of the campaign conducted by

You need to do your share too; if there’s one thing I believe will seriously turn the IT-business into a messy place, it’s software patents. It’s bad enough as it is that some other countries has it. We definitely do not need nor want them in Europe.


Which file extension are you?

Take this quiz to find out which file extension most closely matches your personality. You need to answer all the questions to get an accurate result.

The quiz:

This is probably only of value to geeks 😉

And just to save you the suspense, according to BBspot, I’m a .GIF


Rammstein in Stockholm

Yesterday turned out to be a hectic day at work and at home, ending with a 250 km/h speed thrill in the Globe arena, presented by the German industrial rocker ensemble going under the name of Rammstein. Myself, Järven, Fisken, BoKo, Mats and Johan went for a few beers before having our hair styles drastically changed by a fire breathing and watt pumping stage set.

It has been said that due to Rammstein’s almost-only-German-language performance, there’s a communications glitch between the group and the audience. In a way, I can agree. On the other hand, I don’t go to concerts to listen to the lead singer of a group debate the weather in Stockholm, or to make political statements, or talk about his personal sexual preferences. I go to concerts to enjoy an experience, preferrably a musical one 🙂

This was the second most powerful (in terms of watt and human energy radiation) concert I’ve been to, the most powerful being having seen Dee Snider live @ the Hard Rock Café of Stockholm several years ago. Rammstein feels much better live than on disc, even if the lyrics and vocal performance is somewhat lost in the almost overpowering sound output.

If you like rock drenched in energy, and have the opportunity, go see them. You can also go to their website for some more information about them.

Rammstein.. Rammstein.. Rammstein!


Why are all “gallery”-type applications “the same”?

I’ve been looking for years, and I’m still looking..

What am I looking for?

A gallery application that will allow me to source photos from a “collection” and then write a story using these photos. I’ve looked at numerous so-called gallery applications, and they all (more or less) do the same thing(s). They do these things differently, of course, but it comes down to organizing, displaying, thumbnails, short description, long description, private/public, quality/votes/comments..

Surely, one shouldn’t have to install a CMS (“Content Management System”) just to be able to handle something this simple?


Where did Eterm go?!

After having sucessfully upgraded from SuSE 9.1 to 9.2, I noticed all my terminal shortcuts stopped working. Lo and behold, my Eterm binaries had been removed (gasp!). So I’m currently stuck with sucky gnome-terminal.

Why, oh why did my Eterm go away.. 🙁


McAfee needs help!

I just finished upgrading some ten installations of McAfee’s VirusScan Professional at a customer site. Most of them were upgraded from 7.x to 8.x, for some it was enough to renew the virus update subscription.

I’ve been doing IT for the better part of my life (which comes to some 24 odd years out of 36 possible), and I can’t figure out exactly how the McAfee on-line store works. Granted, the last upgrades were done at around 04:00 in the morning, but seriously.. how hard can it be?

You log in to the on-line store, select your upgrade and download it, right?
Well, unless you have chosen to use McAfee’s software that is.

It’s fascinating to see that one of the world’s largest suppliers of anti-virus solutions cannot design a simple and functional on-line order process.

Perhaps they give their web developers too much money?


Linus Torvalds

Only wimps use tape backup: real men just upload their important stuff on ftp, and let the rest of the world mirror it 😉
(Linus Torvalds)



Maggan, or “Trofast Tusensköna”, is another fine example of why labradors rock the dog world 🙂 Too bad Axl never got to meet her!

See more of Maggan here.



Yaaay! Today, I finally got my very first Hakama Pants; I should have gotten it around May of 2003, but my ehr.. supplier (Jens).. has been backlogged.. or something 🙂 Thanks to Stefan at our Dojo for helping me out.

Hakama? Originally, the Hakama was worn as an outer garment to protect a Samurai horseman’s legs from brush, weeds, etc. (similar to a cowboys leather chaps). In Japan, since leather was so very hard to come by, heavy cloth was used in its place. After the Samurai made the transition from mounted soldiers to foot soldiers, they continued to wear the hakama largely due to the fact that it set them apart and made them easily identifiable. [source:]

You can read more about it here:

Will I be wearing my newly acquired equipment to work.. ? Unlikely 🙂


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